DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, is a non-profit group educating the public on dental mercury and other ways that dentistry may affect health. You are welcome!


Dental Amalgam Fillings, sometimes called “silver amalgams,” are actually half mercury. They are a time-release poison, a major source of mercury and other toxic metals to those who have them. DAMS stands for Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions and it is a non-profit organization with an office in Minnesota, in the United States, educating the public on mercury amalgams and other ways that dentistry may affect health.


The DAMS information packet, the DAMS periodic newsletter, Dental Truth, and the books and DVDs that DAMS sells all provide information on dental amalgam filling (“silver fillings”), crowns, root canals, gum disease, fluoride and dental - health topics. On the subject of dental amalgam mercury fillings, we describe the symptoms of mercury toxicity, safe amalgam removal, choosing suitable replacement materials, and safe, natural detoxification including alternatives to the drug approaches. Many toxins can be found in crowns, bridges, dentures and in the mouths rinses and gel treatments that contain fluoride. Root canal treated teeth are dead teeth and are therefore prone to infection – infection which can be very toxic and hard to get rid of because there is no blood flow into a dead tooth. Such “root canals” have been linked to cancer and other chronic illnesses. The patient may want to consider extraction of such teeth, but extractions also merit some discussion; tooth extractions must be done properly and thoroughly in order to avoid leaving infection behind in the jawbone, a cause of jawbone disease. Jawbone disease is fairly common but is often overlooked and is rarely diagnosed because, most often, there is no pain. Jawbone disease (also called jawbone “cavitations”) may cause facial pain, however, and it can be debilitating. It may cause or contribute to a weakened immune system and to many of the same neurological and auto immune diseases that infected root canalled teeth and toxic metals cause.


There a cover-up of the health hazards of dental mercury and a failure by regulators who are responsible for protecting the public health. There are likely multiple reasons for the cover-up. For one, perhaps the ADA feels that, since it has defended and promoted the use of mercury amalgam fillings throughout its entire history, it could not survive if it were to admit that it has been wrong over the last century and a half, misinforming and harming millions of people. It could not survive an admission that it has lied to its own member dentists and harmed them by the cover-up. Our media makes the cover-up possible, to a large extent, and is complicit. So, as with most cover-ups, it is not just a creation of an industry and the corrupt governmental agencies that are supposed to regulate the industry; the cover-up is also a creature of the media, a media largely controlled by and created by the most powerful corporations.


Amalgams have been banned in Norway, Sweden and Denmark so it is possible for more responsive governments to halt them. Unfortunately, in the USA the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dental division appears to be captured by the ADA, and steadfastly maintains the amalgam cover-up, no matter how much damning the scientific evidence science is.


DAMS is a tax-exempt educational non-profit organization helping educate people in the US, Canada and elsewhere on these very important dental-health issues. People who wish to get their dental amalgam fillings removed should find knowledgeable practitioners who can remove amalgams safely, with elaborate precautions to protect the patient. Such knowledgeable dentists are not merely “mercury-free” or “cosmetic” dentists; they should be “holistic” or “biological” dentists, meaning that they pay attention to the effects that their work has on the whole person and on his/her underlying health. It is very hazardous to have mercury amalgam fillings replaced by a “regular” (i.e. conventional) dentist who does not have the training and equipment to replace the amalgams with elaborate precautions.  DAMS maintains a list of holistic (also called “biological”) dentists in every state and province who are trained and equipped to replace amalgams safely. Hopefully they will also use better choices of replacement materials, and use natural, less toxic approaches to gum health and decay prevention (no fluoride) and be aware of the hazards of root canal treatments.


To request a list of knowledgeable practitioners in your state of province, please call DAMS at 651-644-4572, or e-mail us at dams (at) usfamily (dot) net. We are giving you the e-mail address in text format and you have to type it into your e-mail software correctly. When we try to give you the link directly, hackers ruin the link, making it incorrect.  In words, the e-mail address is:  dams  @  usfamily.net  without the spaces around the @ sign. When we receive your e-mail request, we will always reply, acknowledging your request, so look for that acknowledgement.


Please leave your name and full address (snail mail address, not just e-mail address) on the DAMS phone line or in your e-mailed request. We will then mail (snail mail) out the practitioner list with our information guide. Please accept our info guide – we want you to have it, read it and save it for your reference. It has a wealth of information and can empower you to be a more informed dental patient. It discusses in detail the dental amalgam mercury issue and other ways that dentistry may affect health. To talk with a DAMS staff person, you may also call 651-644-4572. A friendly staff person will likely answer. There may be additional information that can be supplied in your information packet that helps address your special questions. If you have specific dental issues or health concerns, you may mention what they are; we may be able to insert short topical articles discussing them (on crowns, root canals, proper tooth extractions, detox and more). So, be sure and ask for what you want on specific topics of concern.


To read more scientific details on mercury, amalgam and their health impacts, you may go to our web site www.flcv.com/indexa.html. This is a large web site with great detail on the hazards of mercury and dental amalgam fillings, featuring hundreds of scientific abstracts and references.


The information packet that you are being mailed and the information that you are being given on the phone are provided at no charge; but a contribution is requested. DAMS is a generous non-profit organization and no one is denied help on the basis of lack of money. But please look for a donation envelope in your packet, with a reply strip and donate what you can to keep the work of DAMS going, so it can continue to help you and others. You may also join DAMS as a member in order to receive the DAMS newsletter, Dental Truth, on an ongoing basis. (You may ask for a sample newsletter in your packet also). Memberships are normally $25 per year, and low income people may pay what they can afford. Contributions to DAMS are tax deductible.


We remind you that, when calling DAMS at 651-644-4572 or e-mailing it,  provide name and full mailing (snail mail) address in order to receive the info guide and our list of holistic dentists in your state; and, if you need a call back, leave your phone number, including area code, and speak slowly in giving your phone number.  


This web page was updated November 21, 2013.


Leo Cashman, Executive Director

DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions